Handmade Pet Accessories

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Selecting the right size collar for your dog. Please note: We are not responsible for measuring errors when ordering
so please be sure you measure correctly.
To measure for a dog collar, measure your dogs neck where the collar will sit and then add 2 inches for adjustment and order the collar that fits in that range.

Measurement Example: If your dogs neck is 12 inches you should order a collar that fits 10-15 inches, not a 12 to 19". That way the measurement is within the parameters of the collar and will fit either a little smaller or a little larger.

To measure for a Martingale collar: Measure 3 places.
The largest part of your dogs head,
Behind the ears
The neck where the collar will sit.
Select the smallest collar that will fit all 3 places and order a collar in that size. For more information on dog breed neck sizes please check the DOG BREED