Handmade Pet Accessories

Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use...

Please remember that you are responsible for correctly measuring your pets neck or body area for the best fit of your product.
Also,we are not responsible for improper use of our products.

Please be sure you measure correctly. See below for tips on measuring.

To measure for a dog collar, measure your dogs neck where the collar will sit and then add 2 inches for adjustment and order the collar that fits in that range.

Measurement Example: If your dogs neck is 10 inches you should order a collar that fits 10-15 inches, not a 12 to 19". That way the measurement is within the parameters of the collar and will fit either a little smaller or a little larger.

To measure for a Martingale collar: Measure 3 places.
The largest part of your dogs head,
Behind the ears
The neck where the collar will sit.
Select the smallest collar that will fit all 3 places and order a collar in that size.